Weston Karate Club


Karate is an individual activity which will enable anyone to progress at their own pace, whether they are young, old, male, female, fit or not.

This is an ideal opportunity to learn self-defense in a controlled, supervised and safe environment.

We have 4 very dedicated instructors who are well experienced in making the most of anyone’s abilities.

With regular training Karate will teach you not only self-defence skills but also teach restraint, build confidence, improve concentration and co-ordination.

Exercise is important for everyone to ensure you have a healthy mind and body. Karate unlike most forms of exercise will help to reduce an individuals stress levels.

Why not try something together, we now offer mixed sessions so you may train with your child.

New beginner’s sessions are starting NOW at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre .

Book your first 2 weeks consecutive trial sessions completely free now.

07454338217 / 07784764824