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We have now returned to normal training

Our Next Beginners Course Starts


Hutton Moor Leisure Centre on

Mondays and Wednesdays 

for the first 2 weeks consecutive sessions Free

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 07454338217 / 07784764824

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Thank you for your interest in our club. We pride ourselves on being able to offer everybody the opportunity to learn Karate under safe conditions. We study Shotokan Karate a long established worldwide practised style.

Kevin (5th Dan Black Belt), started training in 1974 , he also spent time being a Special Constable in our local Police force. He established the Weston club in 1984 & is supported by three other instructors, Michelle 3rd Dan, Shaun 2nd Dan & Lewis 2nd Dan. All of our instructors are family people and understand the importance of building confidence, fitness & respect.

Why don’t we start children younger than 7 years?

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Karate can be fun and tough, it is also important for individuals to be mature enough to understand the discipline required and the dangers of practising Karate & the importance of restraint. Karate must not be exercised outside the ( Dojo ) training area.

What will we learn?

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New beginners will firstly be shown the etiquette of Martial arts and then be taught various exercises to warm and stretch their bodies. This will be done at the beginning of every training session. We then move on to fun co-ordination routines for the mind and body. Basic Shotokan Karate techniques are introduced i.e. Punchs, kicks & blocks. Over time these will become more complexed. We also study KATA (complexed individual routines) which contain many more techniques. Once control is established we can then start pairing up under close supervision. KARATE can be a constant challenge for the mind and body. Regular Karate training can also help maintain a sharp brain and improve memory.

What do I have to buy?


We suggest you purchase nothing for at least 4 sessions, just to see if you or your child enjoy training with us. Then the only equipment needed to get started is a Dogi (suit) these cost from around £14.00.

Here are our costs clearly stated below.

Our fees are monthly based :- 1 session / week £22,

2 sessions / week £30

NO contracts etc. All martial arts should require you to own a valid licence (record book/club membership), ours is £17. It needs renewing annually (cost £15) and this is not required until you have completed 4 sessions. To progress up the belting system, gradings are held every 3 months (£15.00 per grading) these are optional.

When and where do we train!


We train at  Hutton Moor Leisure in the main hall on Monday and wednesday evenings. We hold 2 sessions on each evening. The first session is for new junior students and parents who wish to train alongside their child. The second session for established members.
We train continually throughout the year including Bank Holiday Mondays and we have a break for approximately two weeks at Christmas.

Gradings ( Examinations )

We hold Local Gradings approx every 3 months for below brown belts and 6 months above brown belts.

Other activities

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We also have club BBQs/social evenings several times throughout the year for our club members and junior member’s parents to meet outside training.

For further information or concerns please contact Kevin or Michelle on 07454338217,or e mail

I hope you enjoy training with us, if not, please let me know why.

Many Thanks

Kevin – Senior Club Instructor