Club Grading Procedures

Different coloured belts are used to indicate level of expertise.

A white or coloured belt is called a “Kyu” grade, of which there are nine. A black belt is called a “Dan” grade.

It takes a minimum of three months regular training between each Kyu grade upto brown belt and then a minimum of six months between 2nd Kyu and 1st Dan.

It is possible to achieve black belt in under 4 years.

You will be encouraged to reach your potential but are free to take gradings at your own pace.


The examination is made up of three parts: Kihon, Kata and Kumite. A display of the basic techniques taught in class, followed by the Kata appropriate to the student’s level of skill, and finally a sparring exercise which again depends on the student’s level of skill. All three parts become more complex as the grading gets higher.


The grades and coloured belts are as follows:

Beginner: White belt
9th Kyu: Orange belt
8th Kyu: Red belt
7th Kyu: Yellow belt
6th Kyu: Green belt
5th Kyu: Purple belt
4th Kyu: Purple belt with white stripe
3rd Kyu: Brown belt
2nd Kyu: Brown belt with white stripe
1st Kyu: Brown belt with two white stripes
All Dan Grades: Black belt