1st Dan : Frank Scanlon – 2013

Frank Scanlon (1st Dan) 02.03.13

1ST DAN : Frank Scanlon – 2013

WESTON Karate Club student Frank Scanlon has just passed his black belt examination.

Frank started training at the club four years ago aged 48. Most people older than 30 seem to consider themselves too old to start anything new, however karate is an individual, not a team activity so enabling almost anyone to take part at their pace.

The day started with a two-hour intense brown and black belt course where all students who attended were put through their paces with instruction on several aspects of kata and fighting techniques.

This was then followed by the examination taking about another hour, consisting of thee sections of karate training, which are known as kihon, kata and kumite.

Frank has made great progress so far and it is hoped that he will continue his study and practice for further development.


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