1st Dan : Katie Williams

WESTON Karate Club held a recent club grading, which lasted for three hours.

The club’s examiners awarded each student for their effort, ability, stamina and knowledge in karate and three students, Alfie Murphy, Martina Tancock and Jimmy Pann stood out on the day.

After the grading, a brown and black belt course was held, which lasted for two hours. This was followed by a black belt grading for Katie Williams, who was put through a vigorous exam pushing her to the limits of her endurance.

Her grading not only tested her on the usual aspects of a karate, but also application of the techniques she was demonstrating. She also had to pair up against five other students in the kumite section.

Katie has been training with the club for the past five years and the three examiners were pleased to be able to award her the prestigious title of black belt.